Who am I?


I am an IT Professional with nearly 12 years of programming experience specialising in iOS Mobile Application development having extensive industry and full life cycle experience in a iOS based environment, along with exceptional analytical, design and problem-solving capabilities. I am strictly following design patterns and trust “program to an interface not just an implementation”. For me the efficiency and quality matters much more than that my code simply works.

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What is Simply Overlooked?

Overlooking is one of the biggest mistakes that we are doing in our regular life and it is a great enemy in effective learning since that prevents reaching a steady progressive learning curve up to its maximum level.

According to Oxford advanced learners dictionary overlooking has following meanings.

  1. Miss: overlook something to fail to see or notice something
  2. Turn a blind eye: overlook something to see something wrong or bad but decide to ignore it.
  3. Pass over: overlook somebody (for something) to not consider somebody for a job or position, even though they might be suitable

Throughout this blog, I am trying to pinpoint all the overlooked facts in life based on my past experiences.