As a frontend developer with extensive experience, I’ve always been curious about understanding server-side processes. I believe that any proficient client-side developer should have a clear understanding of how to collaborate with the server-side.

I recently had the opportunity to read the book Building Microservices with Node.js by Daniel Kapexhiu. My initial impression is that this book is not only for server-side developers but also covers topics that would interest client-side developers who are curious about understanding the other side of the story.

In this review, I’m sharing my perspective as a senior iOS developer, where server-side development isn’t something I deal with on a daily basis like iOS development.

Who this book is for

As mentioned in the preface, this book is intended for readers with intermediate to advanced knowledge. The material assumes a clear basic understanding of how web technology and RESTful APIs works.

What makes the book standout

Even though the book aims to explain advanced web technologies, particularly Microservices through Node.js, it predominantly focuses on theoretical explanations, making it universally understandable for anyone seeking to grasp the theory and best practices including:

  • Design domain-specific microservices using domain-driven design (DDD)
  • Learn how to facilitate communication between microservices and design an API gateway
  • Automate the integration and deployment of microservices
  • Safely transition from a monolithic architecture to microservices and understand effective testing strategies for microservices
  • Implement microservices in Kubernetes and Docker environments
  • Understand best practices for scaling and maintaining microservices

The book is logically divided into 16 chapters. The author, Daniel Kapexhiu, begins by introducing Microservices and gradually delves into advanced topics such as understanding, designing, caching, security, and finally, logging and monitoring.

What could have been better

Even though the book provides necessary code examples, as a non-server-side developer, I expect the code examples to be a bit more practical and expressive. I am certain that this won’t be an issue for backend developers.

What I learned

I’ve gained insight into the following areas:

  • Understanding the capabilities of Node.js and its scalability
  • Deepening my knowledge of RESTful APIs
  • Recognizing the significance and benefits of decentralized architecture, particularly in terms of Microservices Architecture and its implementation in Node.js
  • Appreciating domain-specific data isolation and the importance of security
  • Considering Microservices in the context of containers and container orchestration
  • Implementing advanced logging and monitoring
  • Finally, the other half of the frontend story


In conclusion, the book Building Microservices with Node.js by Daniel Kapexhiu is a comprehensive resource that benefits not only for server-side developers who would like to expand their knowledge and understanding of the Microservices Architecture but also for any client-side developer who would like to develop a clear understanding of the server-side for better coordination.

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