As all roads lead to Rome, uninstalling apps from your Mac can be done in various ways. While Apple’s official support document recommends multiple methods, I’ll be sharing an alternative approach to achieve this. Follow the steps below.

Install and set up the free AppCleaner app

  1. Either download and install the AppCleaner app from or alternatively, use the brew command.
brew install --cask appcleaner
  1. Open the macOS System Settings and go to Privacy & Security. From there, select Full Disk Access and enable the AppCleaner app. If it’s not listed, click the plus button and add it to the list. appcleaner-fulldisk-access

  2. Go to the AppCleaner app’s Settings and enable SmartDelete. appcleaner-smartdelete

Uninstall an app

  1. Drag and drop the app you want to uninstall to the macOS Bin.
  2. Wait for the AppCleaner app to pop up with all relevant files. appcleaner-remove
  3. Carefully go through the files and click remove.
  4. Finally, right-click the Bin and select Empty Bin.

    Tip: Optionally you can restart the Mac.


Dragging to the Bin approach will help you any additional app extensions to be also removed from your system. On the other hand, the AppCleaner app helps you to remove all the unwanted rest.